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In hospital. Leukaemia. Second round. On this occasion it was picked up in a routine biopsy and I had time prepare for hospital admission. My main concern was who could take up the daily role I play in Julian’s personal care.

I pondered on the problem of securing a trusted worker who could commit two to three hours a day – early in the morning and at bedtime. I registered with Mable. I pondered some more

As you may know, my son, Julian, his Dad and I, and Julian’s sister and brother-in-law live in apartments in a Nightingale 7 storey tower called Urban Coup. We have individual apartments but we share community spaces – a dining room, a laundry, a recreation room and a garden area. There are 29 apartments and all residents are friendly. Some we meet up with more than others.

One resident who impressed me as capable of fulfilling a caring role, is Kanella. When I asked her about her availability, she told me she would be able to fit Julian’s care schedule around her other care and craft commitments. As a bonus, she is registered with Mable and has had training and experience as a nurse and dental nurse (of particular importance as help with teeth cleaning is very important to Julian’s wellbeing).

I explained to Julian that Kanella would be helping him while I was in hospital. The next morning, when she came into his room with me to help wake him, he returned her beaming smile and took her hand. They are quite compatible.

Feeling fortunate to live in the Urban Coup community, I have been able to enter my treatment knowing that my son will be ok and love is all around us.

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