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September was eventful, twice in isolation with Julian being a close contact of a colleague with Covid. Both times we have tested negative and been free after a few days, thanks in part to all being double-vaccinated. Despite our good fortune, it’s been a depressing time. There have been angry demonstrations, some anti-vaccination, some anti-lockdown, or maybe just pro-demonstration. Covid has been around for a long time, and a lot of people suffer from being restricted. The virus has also been making vulnerable people very sick and causing some painful lonely deaths.

October is looking brighter. On Sunday we will picnic with Memphis, Julian’s sister, in Footscray Park, which overlaps our respective 15 km zones.

On Wednesday 13th, I will connect with SWAN Australia in a zoom session where I will be sharing stories from my memoir about raising Julian. Dancing with the Maternal Bond was going to be launched at Fairfield Books on Sunday 10th, at the start of Carers’ Week. Because people are unable to attend bookshops at this time, the launch has been postponed to February 6th.

The SWAN event will be a good chance to connect with people interested in how an undiagnosed disability can challenge a family with not just with nasty shocks but also some surprising opportunities.

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