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Disability Care - The original name for the NDIS

Disability Care ended up being rejected as a name for the National Disability Insurance Scheme that now covers support for Australians with a disability. Some people didn't like the term, but Care is the concept I believe we should keep at the heart of supporting one another. That's why I called this site Disability Care People.

The NDIS came about as a result of a massive community campaign for comprehensive care and support for people with disability, called Every Australia Counts. The campaign is still running to make sure that the NDIS works for everyone who needs it.

In July the campaign delivered almost 1000 message to the new Minister Stuart Robert outlining their ideas for fixing the NDIS.

Every Australian Counts demonstrates that whenwe all work together we can make a difference. You can sign up to the campaign and show your support for a better future for all Australians with disability.

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