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Sprouts are just as good

No cake, no baby sister this time around, although still at home with Mum and Dad. Never mind. A Covid Lockdown birthday pretty has turned out pretty special for this grown up guy with NDIS supports.

Two packets of chocolate biscuits shared with friends at Carinya, a happily Covid-safe day program.

A Facetime chat with grown-up sister and her equally grown-up boyfriend and their backyard chickens.

From Mum and Dad, a present of happy socks with multicoloured thumbs up.

Clay modelling with support worker and artist, Sachiko, with the beautiful greyhound, Tillie, at their feet.

With support worker Ollie, a walk with the wheelbarrow to collect mulch and distribute it on the garden. A gift from him of a hand-made sprout-maker and a jar of alfalfa seeds.

But wait, there was more. A job of painting a bedroom wall, enabled by Ollie, enacted with demonstrable skill by the man of the birthday.

Sighs of satisfaction all round.

Why no cake? Adults don’t always have cake birthday cake. Sprouts are just as good.

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