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Jacinta Harper

I have known Thea Calzoni since 2004, when I commenced working with her at Melbourne City Mission in Brunswick.  We worked together for ten years, creating and delivering programs to reduce social isolation of vulnerable families.

Thea has that rare capacity to think outside the box, and encourage others to do so.  She has used her writing abilities to obtain funding, bring people together, inform people and create lasting resources, particularly in the area of disability.  We worked on a number of projects together, and Thea was always enthusiastic about ensuring they were delivered to the highest standards and were accessible to the people who needed them. 


In the time I have known Thea, she has displayed a strong commitment to advocating for people who find themselves in circumstances they are unprepared to deal with, and supporting them to find their voices.  Writing has often played a part in this, as have other creative pursuits such as music.   Thea will go to great lengths to get ideas off the ground and persevere when obstacles arise.

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