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Volunteer Guide

Volunteering helps you as well as the people and programs you support as it gives you the chance to:

  • Follow your interests in a space that aligns with your values

  • Make friends and create professional networks

  • Get work experience and learn new skills

  • Enjoy different social and cultural experiences

  • Build your communication skills and confidence

  • Improve your physical and mental health

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Before you seek to volunteer, find out some facts about people with disability.


People with a disability form 18.4 per cent of the Victorian population.


For more information, see the Victorian State Disability Plan 2017-2020.


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You can look for volunteering opportunities with people with disability here.

Always volunteer for programs that offer good training and support

Lifeline has effective volunteer training that enables great support for the volunteer as well as callers experiencing a personal crisis


The Office of the Public Advocate Independent Third Persons (ITPs) program trains and supports volunteers to attend police interviews for adults and young people with disability to ensure that they are not disadvantaged during the interview process. Police interviews often require people to comprehend complex issues and information quickly, understand their legal rights, and be able to communicate with people in positions of authority.

People Outdoors provides training for Volunteers, as well as a pre-camp information session where the campers’ needs are discussed. 


VALID empowers individuals with disabilities through direct employment, Peer Action Groups and engaging volunteers for the Choice Mentor program.  VALID also supports Peer Action Groups for people with disability to support one another to speak up for themselves.


If you would like to support people with a disability as a volunteer, Volunteering Victoria is the place to find opportunities supporting people with disability


People with disability themselves make great volunteers


For more information, see the Victorian State Disability Plan 2017-2020.

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