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NDIS support explained

When we need government support we face service descriptions and application processes that confuse us with wordy long sentences and official jargon.

VALID (people with an intellectual disability advocates) have made some Plain English guides to NDIS processes, along with information to therapists about how to write useful reports.

I like VALID's explanation of what and why the NDIS needs particular information:

"The NDIS needs to work out

  • what support people need

  • how much money is needed for these supports and

  • what should be in the NDIS plan. They use reports from therapists to help them with this."

"A good report shows how the recommendations will help the person to be part of their community."

The VALID Inclusion Point team has also created 10 Easy Read videos. These are useful for allied health professionals, as well as NDIS participants, families, Local Area Coordinators, and Support Coordinators when they are commissioning therapy reports.

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Chiara Messina
Chiara Messina
Aug 13, 2020

This is a really helpful guide for knowing that the NDIS needs, thanks for sharing

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