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Support involves trust and Hireup helps

There’s been media attention lately to the question of insurance protection for independent contracted support workers and whether any accident liability might fall to the person being supported. There are legal complexities involved, but in the meantime, I thought I would check out Hireup who provide a means of booking and paying their registered independent contractors.

The dance therapist support worker I have found on Hireup is known to my son and her support will complement his activities with his other existing workers. We trust people to support him in environments that are predicably safe. However, things like trips and falls can occur anywhere.

My belief is where there is a respectful relationship of trust, we will be okay. For those with more vulnerable health and greater safety needs, it might be different.

Hireup provides comprehensive insurance cover to protect all Hireup users. For all shifts booked and worked through the Hireup platform, we provide the following insurance:

  • Workers Compensation Insurance. This is provided for all workers who are fully registered and actively providing support through the Hireup platform

  • Public Liability Insurance. This is provided to cover any harm caused to those seeking support on the Hireup platform. This also covers any property damage that may occur as a result of support being provided through Hireup

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance. This coverage is for all registered support workers. For full details, or if you have any questions about our insurance coverage, please contact us

Our comprehensive insurance is here to cover everyone from:

  • Support workers

  • People seeking support on the Hireup platform

  • General public

This includes any injury, harm and/or property damage.

Hireup hourly Pay Rates for Support Workers

Including Super The rates below include superannuation which Hireup pays to all workers. This additional 10%, starting at $3.23/h, is paid into workers’ superannuation accounts directly. Tax is deducted automatically from pay. After 9-5 hourly rates: Weekdays 6:00am to 8:00pm$35.54 hourly

Weekday Evenings 8:00pm to 12:00am Any weekday shift ending after 8pm will be charged at the evening rate for the whole shift in accordance with the SCHADS industry award $39.12 hourly.

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